São Paulo Temple

São Paulo Temple
São Paulo Temple

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ola (Yes, that is the correct spelling) Mom and Dad :)

Friday, for the first time in 12 weeks, a meal did NOT include rice and beans! It was in the house of a less active Bolivian famiily who we're helping to return to activity because their daughter wants to serve a mission. The food was like steak chunks, pieces of hot dog meat, french fries, hard boiled egg, and ketchup, and mixed together like a sald :D it was awesome!!! 

My district has 3 duplas (companionships)... 2 duplas of sisters, and then E. Millaqueo and I. The zone (which has 3 districts) is made up of 5 duplas of sisters and 5 of elders. A perfect 50/50 split! This is unique to our zone. The other zones have 1 or 2 duplas of sisters (or one zone that has none) The sisters usually serve in the richer, safer regions. But they are usually more difficult to work in because wealthy people are harder to teach.

I heard about Paris, but not much. Only that there were terrorist attacks and that more than 100 were dead... Thanks for keeping me up to date in the world (complex events like that are hard to understand in a new language!)

I found a horse! I don't know how, it's pretty unique in this area. I've passed it a few times now, and it's always there! (Did I already send this?
E. Millaqueo and I made hot dogs because our lunch fell through that day! It was super delicious and cost us about $5 in total :) 

I love you all a ton
Elder Beatty