São Paulo Temple

São Paulo Temple
São Paulo Temple

Monday, September 5, 2016

(Photos are from last transfer)

As for the transfer, let's imagine that the San Antonio Mission extended from San Antonio to Houston. Well, then I've been serving in the San Antonio part for a whole year, now I have been transfered to Houston. Like I had to take a bus for 3-4 hours to arrive their with all of the other people being transfered to this zone. I'm seriously going from one extreme of the mission to the other. I am serving as a zone leader in Guaratinguetá (Pronounced guarachinguetah). So, Zone Leader is less work than District Leader... We basically just call the LDs and make sure they're doing their work, and we go to Counsels and pass the information for our zone afterwards.

My companion is Brasilian, and has been in the mission 2 weeks more than me (the brasilians pass only 2 weeks in the CTM (now it has been made 3) ). My ward right now is like if you were to put an air force base in Cody Wyoming... The major part of our area is normal housing areas, but if you walk for about 30 minutes you start to see farms and whatnot. Our house is about the size of our house back home, if we didn't have a second floor. We have a living room about the size of our family room, a kitchen with an bar about the size of ours, two rooms, a bathroom, another outdoor kitchen, a small backyard (without grass, just cement and tile) and a guest house with another room and bathroom, but the guest house hasn't been cared for very well... We live about 15 or 20 minutes from the church, which is our stake center here. I'm definitely keeping warm here. Usually, the temperature is hovering around 80-90 and gets down to about 70 on a good night hahahaha

We still walk almost everywhere here. We're counseled to work withing a 40 minute radius of our chapel, which covers about 20% of the area of our ward... We have several references and less actives that we're contacting way out of this radius, and sometimes we walk about 1 hour to get to our lunch and 1 hour to get back because tere isn't a bus that goes the route of that person's house and they don't offer us a ride... 

As for the address for cards and packages, it is, and always will be, the same address. Only now, I will only be going to the Office once a month for that leadership meeting on the first friday of every month, so if a card or package arrives right now, I won't get it until october. 

Loove you all!
Elder Beatty