São Paulo Temple

São Paulo Temple
São Paulo Temple

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

First of all\; mission plaque scripture: I was studying this week, and encountered a scripture that I like better for the plaque if you haven't already used the other one. The other one is a bit more for me, this one is for all (D&C 68:2-6) If that's too long, I'll let you choose which part to use, just as long as verses verse 4 is included. 

I can't believe Glynn turns 12! He'll be a deacon!! Did I tell you guys about our investigator Pedro already?? He reminds me so much of Sam! Happy Birthday Glynn! Just remember! When I was your age, I was 13 already ;) and congrats on first class!

I RECEIVED A TON THIS WEEK! Both the journal/shirt package (which by the way, I have plenty short sleeves, that day was not hot, this picture was during lunch, at which time I'd temporarily rolled up my sleeves to not stain them with food. In all honesty, long sleeves don't make it much hotter. Suits on Sunday do.) and the smaller birthday package. It's going to kill me waiting a month for that, but I will wait. In respect to those things, mom, I'm pretty sure you receive revelation when sending stuff. The day I received those packages, I'd been talking to an american about things we miss from the US (foods, mostly) and I had mentioned specifically Swedish fish, good carmel, and various M&Ms. Then I opened a package and found those. It was amazing. I also received 6 letters from Grandma, and a letter from Bo.

Grandma: I'm not sure which of these questions I've already answered, so I'm going to try and answer all of your questions here: Plants that grow well, I have no idea. There aren't really plants in my area... or dirt... or much grass. It's mostly streets, sidewalks, and buildings... There isn't dirt at all within a kilometer of our house... Taylor and I can communicate together, but really, missionaries don't share many stories amongst themselves during the mission. Mostly how they're doing! But if you have his mission email, I'd love to mail him! I'm serving in a ward, where I'm not called to pass the sacrament, which is good because we have several investigators to sit with each week. I've only spoken once, and it was just a quick 3 minute intro/testimony. There are about 400 members, about 75 of which are active. My shoes are great (thanks mom) for walking! The mission president says that we walk to the moon and back in 2 years here... I think he's underestimating how much we walk ;) We eat really well... at lunch. Breakfast and dinner are usually up to use to p´rovide, so I eat lots of cheap stuff :) I've gained and lost weight in small enough portions that it could just be the fact that I'm using different scales each time. But my most recent weigh in, I've gained about 5 pounds since I left Texas, but about 7 pounds of that is probably muscle. I know that doesnt add up... I think I've actually lost 2 pounds worth of "extra" and gained 7 of muscle from excersising every mornign, despite having no weights or any other equipment besides a pull up bar. We play soccer every p-day, and at times for a half hour in the morning (almost all the chapels have a small "quadra" which is about like a basketball court with goals on both ends, and we live 2 minutes walking from the chapel, so we play us 4 at times) Our p-days consist of soccer, communication, and (potentially) purchasing stuff we need, if we have money... The weather is pretty similar to Texas, if not a bit cooler. We got to watch conference, in Portugues... I still enjoyed it and even learned quite a bit. Suits on Sunday are optional, but we wear them now so that when it gets hotter in november and december, we'll be able to take them off to cool off. The work is good. We have 3 investigators marked for baptism in the next two weeks, and that's not even unique here. 

We're teaching a ton of people. We make contact in the streets, contact references, on occasion knock doors, but that's weird to do here.

I don't know what else to day, so have a great week everyone!
Elder Beatty

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