São Paulo Temple

São Paulo Temple
São Paulo Temple

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Please note, I've updated Elder Beatty's mailing address. He has two weeks left in the Missionary Training Center (CTM) and will then be sent into the field. Mail will not be forwarded from the CTM, so please send any mail from this point forward to the new address I've listed.

Today's email:

I have 2 more weeks left in the CTM, and yes,
it's the same companion throughout. I wouldn't say I'm ready, but I
don't think without immersing myself in actual missionary life that I
can get much more ready here. We did a bit of proselyting for 2 hours
where each member of our district was given 3 BoMs to hand
out. My companion and I placed all 3 before any other companionship :)
it's really dificult to approach people confidently, but once you do,
they're all really nice here, and if you say "gift" or "free" they get
really excited to receive one :P Elder Ostergaard, my companion, is
the new District Leader, so we now have a couple extra sunday meetings
and a little less free time, but it's good because he can get us into
our district classroom whenever we need (District Leaders keep the key
to the classroom) and I find out before anyone else if anyone got mail
that day! But it's not often that anyone does... Say hi to Justin for
me, and remind him that portugues is better than spanish!! I love you
all, Elder Beatty

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